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Headshot of Douglas McCarthy

Douglas McCarthy

Research Fellow

Douglas McCarthy is Head of Library Learning Centre at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

Douglas is an art historian by academic training and has worked internationally in museums, art collections and archives for over twenty years. His areas of expertise include managing digital collections, open access strategies, copyright and licensing. Douglas has collaborated with international organisations including Creative Commons, Wikimedia Foundation, Cleveland Museum of Art, Flickr Foundation, and the Finnish National Gallery. He is an Advisory Board Member at Free Knowledge Africa and an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Digital Media Management.

Douglas is a respected voice in the field of open GLAM and has written extensively about open access to public domain cultural heritage. Since 2018 he has led the Open GLAM Survey, a global register of open access policy and practice in the cultural heritage sector, with Andrea Wallace. Douglas is the Editor of the Medium publication Open GLAM, which shares diverse global perspectives on open access.